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[21 OF 1965]


Section - 1 Short title, extent and application

Section - 2 Definitions

Section - 3 Establishments to include departments, undertakings and branches

Section - 4 Computation of gross profits

Section - 5 Computation of available surplus

Section - 6 Sums deductible from gross profits

Section - 7 Calculation of direct tax payable by the employer

Section - 8 Eligibility for bonus

Section - 9 Disqualification for bonus

Section – 10 Payment of minimum bonus

Section - 11 Payment of maximum bonus

Section - 12 Calculation of bonus with respect to certain employees

Section - 13 Proportionate reduction in bonus in certain cases

Section - 14 Computation of number of working days

Section - 15 Set on and set off of allocable surplus

Section - 16 Special provisions with respect to certain establishments

Section - 17 Adjustment of customary or interim bonus against bonus payable under the Act

Section - 18 Deduction of certain amounts from bonus payable under the Act

Section - 19 Time-limit for payment of bonus

Section - 20 Application of Act to establishments in public sector in certain cases

Section - 21 Recovery of bonus due from an employer

Section - 22 Reference of disputes under the Act

Section - 23 Presumption about accuracy of balance-sheet and profit and loss account of corporations and companies

Section - 24 Audited accounts of banking companies not to be questioned

Section - 25 Audit of accounts of employers, not being corporations or companies

Section - 26 Maintenance of registers, records, etc

Section - 27 Inspectors

Section - 28 Penalty

Section - 29 Offences by companies

Section - 30 Cognizance of offences

Section - 31 Protection of action taken under the Act

Section – 31A Special provision with respect to payment of bonus linked with production or productivity

Section - 32 Act not to apply to certain classes of employees

Section - 33 Act to apply to certain pending disputes regarding payment of bonus

Section - 34 Effect of laws and agreements inconsistent with the Act

Section - 35 Saving

Section - 36 Power of exemption

Section - 37 Power to remove difficulties

Section - 38 Power to make rules

Section - 39 Application of certain laws not barred

Section - 40 Repeal and saving


SCH II Computation of Gross Profits



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